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Moose & Sparky Battle Royale!

Sparky loves to torment Moose, who basically just watches but occasionally makes a head lunge or two.


Sparky’s worst haircut to date

For some reason, my mother got the idea that Sparky’s beautiful, long, sleek fur somehow looked “messy” and wanted him shaved.


New pics for you!

Since I came back from my visit with Sparky and my parents with over 150 pictures, I decided to pick the best ones and make video montages.

First video is of Sparky doing his favorite thing to do – run in circles in the back yard. Enjoy! (Moose guest stars.)


Sorry for lack of posts

I’ve been out of town. I went on a business trip and on the way I got to visit Sparky!

I took lots of pics and have to edit them.

To tide you over, here’s a trick Sparky does. He gets shoes (he stole one of mine while I was there) but he does not chew on them. He likes to relocate them. He sometimes sits by them. But never chews on them.

Here he is chewing on a rawhide while in the company of his dad’s shoe.

Sparky 112


Sparky and Moose on Cute with Chris

Sparky’s pic with Santa made it on Cute with Chris’ website this year. (I’m a huge fan of CWC and you should be too.)

Sparky Visits Santa and First Snow 005
Sparky knew if he wanted to get out of this alive, he’d have to do what the man said.

Not to be outdone, Moose (my dog; Sparky’s nephew) made it on CWC as well.


Back in July, before Sparky was born, my pets (Moose, the bunnies and the cat) made it into an actual Cute with Chris episode! Moose actually won the cute-off that week, if I recall correctly.

Since Chris gets 4.3 million viewers a day at his website, from around the world, I hope that Moose and Sparky aren’t letting the fame go to their heads.


My first day with Sparky

The plan was that I’d pick up the 11-week-old Sparky on a Saturday, he’d spend the night with me, and I’d drive about 3.5 hours to Colby, Kansas. There, I’d meet my parents (it was about a 4 hour drive for them) and they’d finally get to meet the puppy!

Well, I had plenty of shopping to do before my first day with Sparky. I had to buy him the bare necessities: a cute collar, a fashionable puppy purse, a super-soft dog bed, a brush, and his first puppy sweater, of course! Oh yeah, and dog food and puppy pads too. 😉

I’m so glad I got the shopping done before picking him up, because our little puppy started out pretty carsick. I met Scott to pick up Sparky, and within 10 minutes of my driving away, Sparky puked. Lovely. He’d need a bath for sure. Then he took a dump in his brand-new puppy purse. Much to my dismay, the puppy purse didn’t seem to hold him either. Maybe he just didn’t like the pink, I don’t know.

“Let me OUUUUUT!”

He was also understandably needy, being away from his litter for the first time, so I spent most of the evening with him sleeping on me as I watched TV. Remarkably, he didn’t cry too much when I put him in the kennel for the night; maybe only about an hour.

The next morning I shot some video and a few pics. Then we loaded up the car to head out on the road!

Sparky 11_07 1
Say goodbye to Colorado, Sparky!


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