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Are you up yet?

Sparky would bark and scratch at the bedroom doors in the morning because he couldn’t wait to play with the nephews. So my mom would bring Sparky downstairs every morning and put up a baby gate. Sparky would just have to wait for the boys to get up. So Mom says he was glued to the bottom of the stairs until the boys did just that. Then it was playtime all day.


Boys visit

Are we going to have tons of Sparky pics now!  All three nephews (Alex 10, Nathan 8, Jacob 6 this fall) visited my parents for a week.  “Sparky’s paws never touched the floor,” my mother reports.

Here’s Sparky and Alex:

Here’s Sparky and Nathan:

Jacob and Sparky:

All three (the ol’ bunny ears trick):

Stay tuned for more photos!


Children and puppies

I dropped Sparky off with my parents about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving, so I didn’t have to wait too long to see him again. I went back to Kansas for Thanksgiving. One brother from Loveland, CO came as well. My other brother, his wife, and three sons came down from Kansas City, so my parents had a houseful of people to carry around the puppy allll day and make sure his little paws never hit the ground.

My nephews are 9, 7, and 5 years old and they aren’t used to being around puppies but they all were very gentle and picked him up properly. They did a great job!

Thanksgiving2007 026
Nathan seemed surprised that his grandfather John had a new baby in the house.

Thanksgiving2007 020
Alex and Jacob, just hangin’ with their new homie.

Thanksgiving2007 018a
Sparky made sure that the instant a lap became available, he was sitting on it.

“Moose! Dude! I say this with love, but man, get a Tic-Tac or something!”

Lots more holiday pics coming up over the next week or two – stay tuned!


Settling in at his new home

After November 11, Sparky took a few weeks and settled into his new home. At first, he had to be next to mom or dad at all times. Then later, he started venturing out and getting more daring at running around the house on his own.

From the beginning, Sparky’s philosophy was: “If you sit down, the minute your legs form a lap, there I must be!”

Sparky Rawson 006

His favorite hobby soon became chasing leaves in the yard. He was actually bummed out when the first snow fell and he couldn’t get at his leaves.

Sparky Rawson 010

Sparky meets his new mom and dad!

Houdini dog (aka Sparky) made it clear – as I was driving on I-70 at 80mph – that he was not going to stay in his pink puppy purse. I was fearful that he would strangle himself in his escape attempts (see previous post). So, I tried putting him in a dogbed on the passenger seat. He kept climbing right over the middle console and in my lap. So in my lap he stayed, until the sun started shining in his eyes. Then he decided he needed to ride on my shoulder. (Yeah, it was Sunday morning and I didn’t have makeup on; wanna fight about it? 😉 )

Sparky on I-70
This is how we roll on the west si-ide tip.
I couldn’t believe that Sparky defied all of my predictions, and did not puke in the truck. He also didn’t go to the bathroom the whole trip, despite me stopping twice.
Finally we arrived at the pre-determined meeting spot: The McDonalds in Colby, Kansas.

sparky meets dad
“Now who is this new guy? My new DAD?! Hey, I just got used to the chick who drives too fast! And now this?”

sparkydad 3
“This new guy seems legit. I guess he’s worthy for one of my patented cuddles.”

sparky meets dad 2
It’s been a long day for a little puppy.

Sparky meets mom
“New mom seems OK as well. Ya gotta like a dame who can pull off horizontal stripes.”

As a new parent, dad tended to hover a bit.
sparky sun

And off mom and dad drove, back to Wichita with their new puppy. As I was driving back to Denver, I missed Sparky. It was up to mom and dad now to make sure Sparky was raised to be an upstanding member of dog-ciety.

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