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Thanks for the award!

Rusty gave us an excellent blog award. Thanks Rusty! We like your new blog template too!


Moose on Cute With Chris again! Yay!

Many of you know that I am Sparky’s aunt, keeping this Sparky blog for my parents, who own Sparky. And you also may know that I have my own dog, a St. Bernard named Moose.

Moose is on Cute With Chris again. This time, Chris is running a series of “Mini’s” where he posts pets with miniature versions of themselves.

Stop by to see the three pics of Moose he posted (have to click on some links to see the second and third). Also, if you don’t have CWC bookmarked as a daily visit, you should. There’s always something cute and/or funny going on there.

Moose was also a Viewer Christmas Pet on CWC, and so was Sparky!


Sparky and Moose on Cute with Chris

Sparky’s pic with Santa made it on Cute with Chris’ website this year. (I’m a huge fan of CWC and you should be too.)

Sparky Visits Santa and First Snow 005
Sparky knew if he wanted to get out of this alive, he’d have to do what the man said.

Not to be outdone, Moose (my dog; Sparky’s nephew) made it on CWC as well.


Back in July, before Sparky was born, my pets (Moose, the bunnies and the cat) made it into an actual Cute with Chris episode! Moose actually won the cute-off that week, if I recall correctly.

Since Chris gets 4.3 million viewers a day at his website, from around the world, I hope that Moose and Sparky aren’t letting the fame go to their heads.

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